About CamASEAN logo


1. We believe in dragon. The real dragon of Khmer identity has no leg. The dragon is the mother to create Khmer. Base on history “Preah Neang LivYi’, tradition “Phreah Thong toung Sbai Neang Neak ” , Culture ‘All pagoda or other Buddhis and Hindo temples have dragon on the top of roof or gate. We choose Dragon with 3 heads mean-Father + Mother + Children!

2. Three color of National Flag ‘ Nation, Religion and King’ with Angkor Wat as the most famous temple recognized in the world.

3. behind ASEAN logo  means Cambodian is ASEAN too as Cambodia is integrated into ASEAN nations.

4. Circle means individual human being is equal to receive the Same Sun and the Same Earth. It also means human rights for everyone! The circle also mean One Community, Equal Conditions, and Responsible Development!

5. Name: CamASEAN Youth’s Future means youth involvement in all part of the region that will build the ASEAN in the human rights respect and sustainable development.

Respect Nature.