Gay Pride and International Day against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHOT)

Thursday 15th May, 2014 | SAREN

CamASEAN gay pride

Gay Pride and International Day against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHOT)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Slogan – Voice for the Voiceless ‘Family is like our SKIN & Coming Out is a Right’

What is Pride and IDAHOT?

Gay Pride is celebrated to making Voice for Voiceless Community every year in Cambodia. CamASEAN Youth’s Future (CamASEAN) led by diversity young people have contribute to three projects which are promoting, protecting and supporting LGBTI community in Cambodia.

  1. Cambodia Women and Choices (CWC) project is led by lesbian person who has strong advocate of integrate LBT into women sector.
  2. b. Rainbow Cambodia Advocate Team (Rainbow CAT) is led by a transgenderman who is understanding that economic sustainability is the greatest help among others to stop Gender Based Violence, stigma, and discrimination from family and neighbors.
  3. c. Cambodia LGBT legal service is led by a group of university students who are studying laws to support to LGBTIQ who have questions or problem with their community with stigma, discrimination, violence and other legal issues.

This year we want to build on to promote human rights of LGBTI people as human rights of everyone in the country through legal analysis and positive overview of legal reform in Cambodia.

CamASEAN Youth’s Future, Cambodia Women & Choices, Rainbow CAT and CLGBT legal service

CamASEAN Youth Future was founded in January 2012 after Cambodia become the ASEAN Chair and a group of young people have involve with ASEAN Grassroots People Assembly (AGPA). A core group of LGBT activists and diverse young people were keen to build on the connections and momentum achieved and felt that there was much to be done to improve the lives of LGBT in the Kingdom. The three projects (CWC, Rainbow CAT and CLGBT) of CamASEAN were founded with the aims of:

  • improving the lives of LGBTI in Cambodia so that LGBTI people feel confident to be who they are
  • so that LGBTIQ peoples’ rights are recognized and respected by society and families and communities understand and accept LGBTIQ people
  • so that LGBT people have a secure livelihood and
  • micro credit to LGBTI to start business is found as the positive social attitude change

CamASEAN has many other activities happening throughout the year which complement and support the IDAHOT. These activities include:

  • Lesbian gathering every two weeks
  • Legal phone counselling for LGBTI
  • Facebook counselling for LGBIT
  • Training on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression for lobbying purpose
  • Documentation all the LGBTI cases
  • Develop statement and report which reflect to the laws and policy in practices
  • SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity & Expression) awareness-raising sessions with university students, organizations, the media, other key stakeholders
  • Creating tools and spaces for LGBT people and the straight community to learn more about LGBT lives and issues- through dubbing films and documentaries into Khmer language, supporting Cambodian artists and film-makers to create work on LGBT themes
  • Supporting CamASEAN activists to participate in regional Asian and ASEAN SOGIE Caucus (ASC) networks, ASEAN People Forum (APF), conferences, workshops
  • Supporting individual LGBT who are suffering rights violations by families, authorities, others and/or difficulties as they negotiate their coming-out
  • Supporting individual LGBTIQ who want to start business in the purpose of positive social attitude changes
  • Organizing special events during the year (Int. Human Right Day, Int. Women Rights Day, ect)

This year we will celebrate with other network and organization who are working for LGBTI, MSM and legal support.

Goal of Pride and IDAHOT in May 17 & 18, 2014
To aware to all LGBTI community, their parents and friends, and public to understand the Cambodia laws and policy to reflect to the reality of LGBTI people and their common life:

  • Homosexual Couples sharing on 17th May with local commune invited to share how they provide social support towards Homosexual Couples
  • Homosexual Couples share to the world how to Coming Out with social protection
  • celebrate IDAHOT on 17th May (IDAHOT- International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia)
  • share lessons learned from straight people who advocate for LGBTI through legal support and LGBTI activism from at provinces and town
  • screen documentary and reflection for inspiration purposes to gain more activism movement both LGBTI and straight people.

Key activities of Pride and IDAHOT Celebration

Workshops- The three main workshops this year will happen 17th & 18th May.

  • IDAHOT: Voice to Voiceless is 17th May: Morning session is invited homosexual couples who live together for more than 30 years as well as Muslim couples and indigenous couples to share how to live together for many years and advocate for acceptance at their community and one or two commune leaders to come and share how they react to accept the homosexual couples and individual person in their village/commune.
  • Afternoon session is Safe Coming out as LGBTI in Cambodia which will invited LGBTI who are businesspeople, university students, employee or those who accepted by their parents without serious violation from their parents
  • Morning 18th May and we have planned our workshop in Morning on family acceptance of LGBT to happen on this important day as these are the major struggles for LGBT everywhere in Cambodia. Our Slogan is Family is like our SKIN & Coming Out is a right.
  • 18th May afternoon workshop will focus on LGBT sensitization for the legal view and is aimed as a follow-up to CamASEAN’s first LEGAL awareness workshop with Cambodia. This workshop will share legal analyze from university students who are studying laws and international relations to review how the laws work in Cambodia towards LGBTI people.

Press release- 17th May will be the best public publishing about straight people involvement will be the greatest initiative but legal analysis will be more motivated towards media to accept and publish positive information and news relate to the LGBTI.

Anticipated Outputs

  • Capacity of straight activists for LGBTI people is strengthen through the legal training
  • capacity of Cambodian LGBTI activists is developed through learning and skill-share from youth activists
  • new strategies, activities, approaches, tools are shared to advance the aims of LGBTI activism in Cambodia
  • increased profile of LGBTI and straight young people in Cambodia through Cambodian media
  • increased awareness of legal and LGBTIQ community needs and advocacy goals
  • Cambodia’s TV media, radio and print media are sensitized to LGBTI through legal awareness-raising workshop

Estimate Budget Summary

Workshops (Cambodian participants from Phnom Penh and provinces- travel, accommodation, food) – $2680
Production of Cambodian Pride and IDAHOT 2014 DVD – $500


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