Our Member

  • SRUN Srorn

    Resource Person and Core Founding Member

    Srorn's path as a human rights advocate has been profoundly influenced by his professional trips on the behalf of the upcoming ASEAN integration. During this time period, he has taken part in a passionate team-management experience in a social development, especially human rights organizations as well as the building of the organizations themselves.

  • KONG Yara

    CamASEAN Facilitator and CAT Milk Business Director

    As an international relations student, Yara is very keen to make a positive change for his country. He is promoting this concept through the business model of Cat Café. He has been inspired by the work of ASEAN and the youth movement.

  • KHAN Chankolich

    Project Manager of ASEAN and Human Rights Project (AHRP)

    Chankolex's background is strongly marked by the study trips to Koh Kong and an exciting team-managing experience within legal institutes in Cambodia. Sharing ASEAN and human rights information is his passion.

  • NUON Sidara

    Project Manager of Children and Choices Project (CCP)

    A background in history has helped Sidara in his fight for child rights. He has been particularly inspired by the concept of linking business and income generation with the promotion of human rights.

  • Chhoeurng Rachana (Tana)

    Research Associate and Technical Adviser of Cambodian Women & Choices Project (CWCP)

    Tana is a human rights activist, trainer and teacher for young people. Her passion has been strengthening children's rights and building gay rights activism. She describes her work as a dream come true.

  • Som Bopha

    Technical Advisor of Cambodian Women & Choices Project (CWCP)

    Bopha works as an investor in Cambodia's stock exchange. She has led investment funds in area of emerging markets and is very involved in advising in the training and research of agencies and businesses. As Cambodia expands its international market, she sees this as a learning process about choices.

  • Kosal Panharith

    Technical Advisor and Research Associate of Cambodian Women & Choices Project (CWCP)

    Panharith's interest is within the field of legal work which has lead him to the social movement. Women and children are in need greater legal support as Cambodia prepares to enter into the ASEAN agreement. He believes developing this area in greater depth will lead the country in the right direction in the future.

  • Chhum Bopharan(Percy Jully)

    Member of Children and Choices Poject (CCP)

    The process of peace-building has been Bopharan's passion. She leads the group's involvement in a number of activities for children.

  • Seng Bouyky

    Translator and Member of Cambodian Women & Choices (CWCP)

    The ASEAN Grassroots People's Assembly (AGPA) was the deeply inspiring experience for Bouyky and encouraged her to take part in social development. The information imparted by ASEAN has been the key for making the future path clearer for Cambodians. She contributes to the translation and development of leaflets for CamASEAN.

  • SRENG Saren

    Technical Adviser and Communications Officer

    Saren's passion for social work and his experience within the NGO sector has given him the drive to understand himself better. He has been especially inspired by the growing social movement in Cambodia and its transformation on the psyche of the country. He has built up the CamASEAN website.

  • Kheng Vita

    Supporter and Translator

    Vita is passionate about business concepts which combine with youth volunteerism and social involvement in Cambodia. He is one of the core founders of CamASEAN.

  • Hoeun Phalla

    CamASEAN Member (CCP)

    Phalla seeks to create a life of independence and has a dream to set up a business in order to achieve this. Moreover, supporting children has become one of Phalla's driving passions.

  • Hok Sokhony

    CCP project adviser

    With a background working with children, she is just stepping into CamASEAN's projects. Her heart is set on bringing more support to the children in Koh Kong province.

  • Hong Leangsreng

    Project Manager, CamASEAN Legal LGBT Counselling Project

    He is passionate about supporting minority groups in Cambodia. To this end, the first group of people he has assisted has been marginalized women and the LGBT community. Inspiration to create lasting change has led him to initiate legal services to help these groups. As analysis of the legal framework in Cambodia is becoming more widely discussed, he has found that LGBT people in particular need this type of support.

  • You Phally

    Support (CamASEAN)

    Phally has been working hard to understand the core principals of ASEAN and share this information with other young people. Phally one of the core founders of CamASEAN.

  • Chhat Sreymich

    Trainer (CCP)

    Sreymich has many years' experience of working with children, starting from secondary school. She is passionate to create sustainable actions to support children and is the leader of many youth groups.

  • Noun Kunthea

    CCP project adviser

    Noun Kunthea completed a BA in Accounting and is now working as accountant with company. Her volunteer work at CCP is in the field of communications.

  • Heng Panhapich

    Supporter (CCP)

    Heng Panhapich is deeply passionate about social work. Panhapich graduated with a degree in Economic Development studies at RULE.

  • Thalin Phan

    Factory Funraiser (CCP)

    Thalin is very interested in and loves working with children. Thalin wishes to create both chances and choices for children without homes by creating an orphanage center.