Cambodian Women and Choice (CWCP)


Certainly, most of female students in Cambodia live depend on their family, so they can’t create and choose their choices for their preferable life.

Certainly, most of female students in Cambodia live depend on their family, so they can’t create and choose their choices for their preferable life. Moreover, the causes that lead them to not be able to involve in decision making are:

SocialCulture and Family

Women are housewife, Women are family care takers and do household labor. Other factors include extreme poverty, the prohibitive distance of schools from many rural houses, and sometimes even fears for their safety when traveling alone from home to school.


Women doing “double duty”: fighting career and taking care of the family that lead they can’t receive more education and lack of skills. So their income is less than man and no power in decision making for the future of family planning, income disposal and the future of their own children.

Political and Security Involvement

It’s related to social, culture and family lead women lack of knowledge, skills and experiences in political leadership. As a result, deficiency in Cambodian women’s participation arises out of poverty, simply meaning that poverty deters women from living their active social and political life. All laws, policy, and mechanism are created by men because women are afraid of involving in political decision. To make sure the new laws or to upgrade those laws and policy and mechanism we (Women and lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender (LBT)) have to speak out for their expression to work on and involve with any political issues.


Cambodian young female create choices to choose independently. Freedom of expression among Cambodian female is acted.


I. Survey on Rights of Female Students at Universities


  • To improve the living standards of female students at universities.
  • To promote education among young women and girls and LBT to make sure they choose education as a best choice in their live to avoid dropping out as much as possible.
  • To develop strategic actions to support those women, girls and LBT who are pre-victims or victims.

II. Koh Dach Female Education

  • Goal (Long Term Objective)
    Young female in Koh Dach commune participate in social development, self-independent, create and choose the choices by themselves, business development, democracy and human rights based approaches.
  • Project Objective (Medium Objective)
    To increase number of female students in Koh Dach high school in Koh Dach commune to continue their studying at university 85% in 5years from 2013 to 2018.
  • Immediate Objective (Short term)
    Objective 1: To increase the environment and opportunities for female students at Koh Dach high school so that they can continue their studies at least 85% at the university.
    Objective 2: To aware how important education towards young female to their family and authority in Koh Dach.
    Objective 3: To Strengthen support system those young female who study at high schools in Koh Dach to continue their education at universities.