CamASEAN- Build Yourself (CBY)


The CamASEAN was formed when the young people found that the ASEAN issue will be the big deal and challenge in the next 10 years. The coming together of young people was prompted by the 2012 ASEAN Grassroots People Assembly (AGPA) and the ASEAN People Forum (APF). CamASEAN-Build Yourself (CBY) project is finally found as the important to guide CamASEAN members to understand the nature of the organization.


1.    Project Background and Description

Cambodian young people have been studying very hard and are quick learners to adapt new things example social media and other technology tools. Yet we understand that most of them are not understanding how to use all their technology effectively, they even do not convert their knowledge to be skills and apply in their work place. Youth Empowerment is the key of leading this company for the future leading company in Cambodia as well as the world.

There are several initiators of this company who are talented, passionate in leading to the better leaders. Mr Srun Srorn, Mr Kong Yara, Mr Khan Chankolex, Mr Pich Lisay, Ms Chhoeung Rachana, Ms Chat Sreymich, and Mr Nuon Sidara.

The objective of the company is to prove all the dream of young people who initiate somehow. We believe that the initiator is the leader. Our core value is to promote human rights of individual person to reflect to the human rights as the whole.

2.    Project Scope

In Cambodia as well as ASEAN countries, there are few groups, companies, NGOs and government sectors which use basic of human rights to apply in their workplace. Here are our dream of how we work:

Task A. Identify & build trainers
Task B. Develop training methodology
Task C. Recruit staff for training- report writing, marketing
Task D. Marketing of training
Task E. Organize training for private, public and NGOs




3.1 Internal CB team

  • Main function is to increase knowledge and improve the analytical discussions of the core members about the Social mechanisms.
  • Internal training of core members on the ASEAN mechanisms i.e. Organizational Development, Team Building, Problem Solving, ASEAN Charter, AICHR, ACWC, and ACMW.
  • Conduct annual internal education to CamASEAN core members.
  • Conduct a workshop on security to CamASEAN core members.

3.2 External CB team

  • Main function is to mainstream ASEAN rights into the ASEAN mechanisms.
  • Conduct training and workshop on Young People inclusion in the ASEAN mechanism to ASEAN member State institutions and different CSOs and NGOs (Youth, HR & Business) in local, regional and International settings.
  • Organize and conduct roundtable discussion with target intuitions, companies, schools, associations,

3.3 Social Media CB team

  • Conceptualization, production and distribution of information, education materials in different languages on ASEAN in relation to young people issues and ASEAN rights to HR & Youth’s groups in various forms (calendars, booklets, leaflets, etc)
  • Network social media sites – Facebook, twitter and blog.

Use of CamASEAN website and other networking sites in the information, campaign and membership drive of the Network