Rainbow Cambodia Advocate Team Cafe (Rainbow CAT Cafe)


Our vision is life is invaluable. Life can make unlimited things. Business start from you not money!


Our mission is to equality of life. Life can make unlimited things. Business starts from you not money!


The Rainbow CAT Cafe is to bring all diversity staff and clients regardless sex, sexuality, gender, race, nationality, religious, economic background, political background, education back ground, … ect. The CAT Café is renovated as Rainbow CAT Cafe today 31 August 2013 in the purpose of attracting more young people to involving Social Work, Support each other and to stop violence against human rights esp. against LGBTI people!

The business is the key to make the positive social attitude changes and it is the priority to stop domestic violence base on gender against young people and LGBTI people.


  • Keep young people to value their initiative and creativity “Learning by Doing”.
  • Involving young people who probably to give up education to come back school “We have sharing session every Friday”and English Course every morning!
  • Natural thinking is Keep Young People Grow the Ways they Want and Can.

Our service

  • Selling Green Tea
  • Free Wifi
  • Teaching English free for students
  • sharing Capacity building
  • Free meeting room
  • Group sharing center


#4, street 68 BT, Phnom Pen, Phnum Penh, Cambodia 855 92 300 006/092 300 006, 070 740 185
mail: [email protected], hour: 6.00am-10.00PM.