Sort of Methodology Training

a. Lecturing: Participants open their ears and look at facilitors speaking and telling things.

b. Brainstorming: Let participants thinking and telling what we (facilitator WANT to TELL THEM), use “open question”.

c. Role play: Allow participants to convert what they THINK to be Pretended Actions. At least to experience

d. Case study: Let participant stay in the situation and participants are designed as leading and following each other.. allow participants share each other thought and experience as well as that they never do to be planned.

e. Film screening: allow participants to visible picture of actions as many time reading books and watching film of the SAME STORIE… watching movie is easier to catch up concept.10154066_847002498728992_6571729145265498291_n

f. Exercise: Cutting paper, drawing picture..ect.. let participannts convert their experience to be photos, painting, picture

g. Market experience: Let participants go to field to visit the reality of what they learned…eg. vist one center about HIV issue…

h. Panelist or Round table Discussion

g. others